The Devil You Know

You know, if it does come down to an Obama vs. Huckabee standoff at the end (oh man, 301 days until the general election), I have two viable alternatives when it comes to casting my vote:

1) I can vote for some as-yet-unknown third party candidate.Hopefully, we won’t end up with Ron Paul running as an independent. Maybe we’ll actually have someone running who makes sense. Who are the Libertarians running this year? Gotta be better than the last guy who was their nominee.

2) I can vote for Obama.My inner freedom-loving libertarian screams at this and is generally pitching a royal history-making hissy fit at the thought, but my inner Buddha is generally more¬†philosophical about the idea. My inner Buddha’s new mantra: Better the Democrat who calls himself a Democrat than the Democrat who calls himself a Republican. Ommmmm.

Voting for Huckabee is absolutely unimaginable. I can only hope that he’s defeated soundly in the primaries so I’m not forced to choose between the two above.


One comment on “The Devil You Know

  1. McGehee says:

    I have actually been toying with the idea of voting for Obama if it’s him against one of those on my “Republicans I could never vote for” list.

    Haven’t made up my mind. With luck, I won’t have to.

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