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From the state that brought you Cynthia McKinney, Jimmy Carter, and a whole host of other crazies I’m too lazy to think up, I bring you Dale Cardwell. Sigh.

You know there is a great tradition in the South. We don’t lock up our, um, different relations. Oh no. Locking your relations in an attic or a mental institution because they’re bat-shit crazy or eccentric is a Yankee thing. (I suppose Yankees are sensitive about such things.) Down here, we’re proud of our crazy relations. We talk about them, blog about them (Did I tell you about my weird-ass ancestor who decorated his cabin walls with bear guts ‘cause it was pretty?), and we generally view them as a source of pride. Hell, when we have parties we dust our crazies off, prop them up in the parlor, and let them entertain our guests.

And when our crazies enter into the political arena, well, fun is ahead for all. (See all the fun surrounding the slap-happy truther Cynthia McKinney back in 2002 as an example.) I look upon our not-quite-right-in-the-head politicians as our contribution to the general merriment of the world. You’re welcome.

Anyway, one more crazy Southern (would-be) politician isn’t really that much news down here. Oh, Cardwell’s method to his madness is interesting, but not really all that new. And on the whole, he’s more different than anything else. To be truly crazy, you have to be special. Speaking of…

Cynthia McKinney

Here’s a picture of crazy Cynthia McKinney for grins. De nada.

And yes, she’s running for president on the Green party ticket. Fun, fun, fun.


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  1. Michael Pugliese says:

    A hoax, bogus conspiracy theory pushed by Ms. McKinney. The Carter Library website has a annotated deconstruction of the supposed doc from Brzezinski’s NSC under Jimmy Carter.
    Forgery or conspiracy? Memorandum 46
    Here’s an article I co-wrote that will appear in the Sunday Outlook section of the Washington Post. We’ll be updating this page over the coming days. So check back for updates.

    Memorandum 46 timeline, as compiled by us.
    Audio from our last show on XM 169 before we got fired. That audio is divided into segments, this one is one large MP3.

    Who says Memorandum46 is true?
    Former rep. Cynthia McKinney presents Memo 46 to the United Nations and defends it in a speech.
    Joe Madison presents Memo 46 at the annual Congressional Black Caucus gathering.
    Former D.C. delegate Walter Fauntroy, on the Joe Madison show on XM 169 (audio available, upon request) and on Michael Fauntroy’s site
    Boyd Graves (see Exhibit 10 of his lawsuit against the government)
    The Final Call, with Brzezinski’s name misspelled.
    Len Horowitz
    Millions for Reparations
    Various discussion forums or discussants, such as: Greekchat, Jahness,

    Who says Memorandum 46 is a forgery?
    Brzezinski, former national security advisor to former president Jimmy Carter and the alleged author, in an e-mail to us.
    Eliot Morgan
    The Carter administration.
    Paul Lee, consultant to the Malcolm X movie, in a 2002 Michigan Chronicle piece
    Cliff Kincaid

    Who is suspicious that Memorandum 46 is a forgery

    Casey Lartigue

    * * *

    To contact us:
    Casey Lartigue’s e-mail
    Eliot Morgan’s e-mail

    Also, on the Washington Post site: Excerpts from The May 19 edition of the Casey Lartigue Show. The topic was Malcolm X.

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