Down to Three

The polls open in less than six hours. And I have no idea which candidate will get my vote. I’ve been up all night on the internet trying to figure that out.

Oh, of the big names, I know that I’m not voting for Paul, Clinton, Obama, McCain, Huckabee, Dodd, Edwards, Hunter, or Tancredo. (Is Tancredo a big name? I can remember him, so I’m including him.). So who’s left? Giuliani, Romney, Thompson.

Oy. None of them do much for me. I’m encouraged by Thompson’s federalism. I’m optimistic about Giuliani’s social liberalism. And I just plain like Romney’s Mormonism*.

Of the three, I don’t know who to pick. And the polls open in less than six hours.


*[Full disclosure: I’m an ex-Mormon. Gotta love Mormons.]