Candidates… Limited

I’m having problems finding a candidate. I’m not asking for much. In fact, I have a rather short list of requirements necessary to keep me from feeling like I’ve compromised when I exit the polling booth.

1. He must be a fiscal conservative.
Somewhere… there’s gotta be one somewhere.

2. He must be a social liberal.

3. He must have a plan for Iraq and Afghanistan.
He must be able to answer the following questions: What do we do after the surge? What are our benchmarks for leaving? How do we measure success? What next? Is this the final stage of the War on Terror or is there more? (I don’t know the answer to these questions. I’m looking for someone to answer them in a reasonable, sensible way.)

4. He must be against pork/earmarks.
The Democrats took over Washington by stumping against pork. I think it’s pretty plain that they weren’t serious. I want someone who intends to do something about it.

5. He must comport himself well.
I don’t want a president who is subject to temper tantrums or cursing. It’s unprofessional. He also must be able to string two sentences together coherently.

6. He must be against socialized medicine.
HillaryCare 2.0 is not acceptable.

7. He must have a solution to our border-control problem.
Again, I don’t have a solution myself; I’m looking for an answer.

8. He has to have a solution for all of the illegal aliens we have in this country.
The solution cannot include a) open amnesty or b) mass deportation as a single means of solving the problem.

Essentially, I’m looking for a candidate who supports limited government. Unfortunately, I think the pool of candidates from whom to choose is rather limited.



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