The Measure of a Man via His Supporters

Every group has its crazies. Sometimes, it seems that a particular group has more than its proportionate share. Ron Paul supporters are such a group. The smallest criticism of Dr. Paul sends them into hyperactive comment attack-spasms. Any large scale criticism is met with an all-out comment jihad upon the poor blogger who dares to besmirch their precious Paul.

I don’t claim Ron Paul is responsible for their behavior. And I’m not saying that every single Paul supporter is nuts. It just seems to me that, compared to the other candidates’ supporters, there are more people supporting him who are very vocal and slightly skewed.

But it does make me question what it is in him that attracts such, ahem, loud admirers. What kind of a man inspires such fervent, maniacal behavior? If the crazies support him, what can he offer me? And that’s the real question the Paul campaign should seriously consider: Do the average Joes on the street want to count themselves amongst such a group of people even if they agree with Ron Paul’s positions?



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